SER starts monitoring impact digital transition

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22 November 2021

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The SER Digital Transition working group wants to make people aware of the impact of digitization. Digitalization offers opportunities and challenges that must be addressed in a timely manner to maintain the Netherlands' international competitive position. The working group will map the impact of digitization on socio-economic themes.

Integrated with all themes

Digitization affects all parts of our society. Previously, the SER found that the application of digital technologies  and also has major implications for the labor market and employment. Last year, the SER published the exploration 'How does the platform economy work?' on the practice of the platform economy, the position of platform companies and platform workers and the enforcement of false self-employment. Digitalization touches and influences all sectors and virtually all themes in which the SER is active: for example, care, education, the future of industry and the sustainability of the economy. This is why the SER will give structural attention to the topic.

Confidence is a condition for innovation


There are many opportunities for SMEs to further exploit digital technologies. Technological innovations can create wealth growth. They offer great opportunities for new markets, products and services. Digital innovations can make heavy and stressful work more enjoyable. For example, an exo-skeleton, a kind of harness, can ensure that the wearer needs to use less muscle power when working. Such supports can lead to higher labor productivity and better health. Technology also provides opportunities for the sustainability transition.

At the same time, digitization raises new questions and brings with it dependencies. Technological changes demand that we continue to learn throughout our lives. It is in everyone's interest to know how to handle data and information in a safe, reliable way. Trust is an important precondition for successful innovations. Only if there is broad trust in the digital society, in which everyone can participate, can this digital society flourish.

Facilitating public debate

The Digital Transition working group focuses on facilitating the public debate between civil society organizations and the government, supported by experts and science. It will contribute to addressing the societal and socio-economic issues mentioned above.


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Yara Purnot