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10 December 2021

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Would you like to be the first to know about the latest developments in the field of policy and subsidy schemes for agriculture and horticulture? Then sign up for the Agrofood WhatsApp of the Province of Limburg!

Why this new service?

The agriculture and horticulture sector is of great importance to Limburg. As the Province of Limburg, we work daily on national, European and Provincial regulations, with which we can support this beautiful sector. These are published on our website, but also through news releases we inform the field about current subsidy schemes and new policy developments.

In order to keep you informed even faster, we start a new initiative: the mailing list Agrofood Limburg!

What do we share through Whatsapp?

Through the mailing list Agrofood Limburg, you will be informed via a private WhatsApp message of the relevant news, policy developments and subsidy schemes.

How does it work?

Do you want to sign up? You can do so now by sending : 'info to' + your name to 06 46 13 28 19. In order to receive messages, it is necessary that you save the above number in your own contact list. By doing this, you can then receive the most important information via short and concise WhatsApp messages. You can unsubscribe at any time and there is no charge for this service. Do you have any questions about this? Then contact Anke Custers at